Check out the pipes in your home for the following signs that indicate they are frozen. Knowing what to look out for will lead to prompt action in thawing the pipes to prevent bursting and damage to the home. 

  1. Visible Frost

    Check all exposed pipes in the garage, attic, under cabinets and in crawl spaces when the temperatures outside fall below freezing point. Water supply pipes in the home that have frost will indicate that they are already frozen or are in process of freezing. Open faucets to release the pressure and shut off water supply. Use a space heater or hair dryer to thaw the pipes or seek the services of professional plumbers. Never use an open flame to thaw your pipes. 

2. Slow and Uneven Water Supply

Persistent water supply issues in the home during winter may be a sign of frozen pipes. Open a faucet and check to see if water comes out normally. If the flow of water is slow and uneven, call for a plumber to locate the affected pipe and take proper action to avoid burst pipes. 

3. Leaks and Damp Walls

Watch out for leaking pipes and telltale signs such as damp walls, wet carpets and rings in the ceiling. Get a plumber to identify the leaky pipes and to take appropriate measure to deal with frozen pipes that could be the cause of leaking water. 

Hamilton Plumbing uses special heating devices designed specifically to thaw your frozen pipes without damaging them. Contact us today on (289) 426-0840 at any time of day or night and you will not be disappointed with our services.

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