Outdoor Water Taps

The outdoor tap will be useful in watering budding tulips in spring and the lush lawns during summer.

Outdoor Water Taps Installation Hamilton

Homeowners who need to maintain their lush lawns must have an outdoor tap in immaculate shape for the garden hose. The outdoor tap will be useful in watering budding tulips in spring and the lush lawns during summer.

Hamilton Plumbing will help with installation of taps and even show you how to prepare your taps for end of fall and winter to prevent them from freezing and bursting.

Hamilton Plumbing Reviews

We initially got a quote from another company in the area. They are so called ‘reputable’ company but their quote was way off. Later decided to go with Hamilton Plumbing instead. I was horrified and needed a quick fix when water started pouring out under my kitchen sink. My nightmare situation was remedied in no time. Thanks to the prompt and clean service.

Adam Lyth

They came to the rescue when a pipe was leaked at my house in Meadowlands. They came quickly and fixed the pipe as soon as possible to minimize any further damage. I am very much pleased with their service.

Gary Lewis

We are happy to serve your needs dealing with outdoor water taps installation.

Having an outdoor water intake makes the maintenance of the lawn easier and gives you peace of mind. We install an outdoor water intake that comes with a manufacturer’s warranty that it won’t burst even if the hose is left outdoors.

If you are searching for reliable and experienced plumbers for outdoor water tap repair or installation projects, go no further. Contact Hamilton Plumbing on (289) 426-0840 at any time of day or night and you will not be disappointed with our services.

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