Interior Waterproofing

Interior waterproofing allows that drainage is added on the inside of the home.

Interior Waterproofing Hamilton

Interior waterproofing is considered to give a better guarantee of a waterproof basement compared to exterior waterproofing. It is also preferred where there is limited exterior access to the basement wall. Finally, interior waterproofing is cost effective for unfinished interior walls.

Step by step procedure:

  • A foot wide channel is cut into the concrete floor on the interior perimeter of the basement wall to expose the footing.
  • Installation of weeping tiles and these are connected to the floor drain or sump pump.
  • A dimpled waterproof membrane is applied to the entire wall from ceiling to the bottom of the channel.
  • Clean course gravel is added over the weeping tiles.
  • The channel is filled with concrete and is finished off as before.

Interior waterproofing allows that drainage is added on the inside of the home. The drainage is routed to a discharge point to intercept water from under the footings and seepage through the walls.

The Sump Pump

All waterproofing systems must have a point of discharge. The sump pump is used where drainage is blocked or where there are no additional drainage options. It will comprise of a pit lined with high quality plastic liner at the lowest point of the basement waterproofing system. Water is drained into the pit through gravity and pumped out using the sump pump.

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