Exterior Waterproofing

Exterior waterproofing puts to an end any problems associated with water seeping through the foundation.

Exterior Waterproofing Hamilton

Waterproofing your basement will bring about the following advantages; a mold and mildew free home, and prevent water damage and foundation issues. If water seeps into the basement, it will pose serious problems to the integrity of your home that are difficult to fix. Hamilton Plumbing provides a free assessment of the foundation to help identify problems that need to be addressed.

Exterior waterproofing puts to an end any problems associated with water seeping through the foundation ensuring the basement remains dry and mold-free.

The procedure of waterproofing your basement:

      • Excavating the perimeter of the basement wall foundation to expose the footings. The excavated trench is about two feet wide starting from the wall. Excavated soil is placed on tarps to prevent messing up the lawn or the property.
      • The exterior walls of the basement/foundation are cleaned and inspected to identify holes and cracks.
      • The identified holes and cracks are filled with hydraulic cement is which expands to seal the cracks and holes.
      • Cement parging is applied to the basement wall to serve two purposes; to increase wall strength and to serve as base for waterproofing layers.
      • A dimpled waterproof membrane is attached to the basement wall to act as the first line of exterior proofing. The dimples are simply air spaces that aid in draining water to the weeping tiles.
      • The weeping tiles and filter-cloth are installed next to the footing and are connected to the foundation drain system.
      • Clean course gravel is used to cover the weeping tiles to facilitate drainage to the foundation drain system.
      • A water test is performed to confirm that the system is draining well.
      • The excavated soil is then back filled. Hamilton Plumbing makes use of a tamping device during the backfilling process to prevent settling of soil.
      • Finally, a thorough cleanup of the entire working area is carried out to make sure the property returns to its original state.

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