Water Line

Waterline & Residential Water Mane Repair Service In Hamilton

If you are experiencing water problems and think it may be your water service line, please call us right away. Our experienced plumbers can help diagnose the problem and provide a repair solution that will have your water flowing like normal in no time. Flooded front yards, sinkholes and flooded basements are all signs you require a water line repair between your property and the municipal water mane.

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City Of Hamilton Funding Assistance For Water Pipe Replacement

$2500 Interest Free Loans When Replacing Lead Water Manes
The City of Hamilton offers a $2,500 interest-bearing loan opportunity for property owners who would like to replace water lines with lead pipes. The homeowner will make the payment directly to the city on their monthly water bill. The load is paid off over a period of 10 years at 3% interest.
Low Income Interest Free Water Line Repair In Hamilton
Homeowners can apply through the Low Income Energy Assistance Program or Ontario Electricity Support Program to obtain a special interest free loan covering the entire cost of the replacement. In order to qualify for these programs the water main being repaired or replaced must be composed of lead.
Hamilton property owners can apply for special assistance when upgrading water lines in the home. Low interest loans encourage homeowners to proactively upgrade water lines with hazardous material like lead.

To read more about the financing options available for water line replacement see the link here: https://www.hamilton.ca/home-property-and-development/water-sewer/water-service-line

Getting Water Mains Repaired In Hamilton

Main water service to homes in Hamilton are designed to last over 50 years and longer! In fact for complex issues to be seen it can take years before you’ll even know if you have a problem. This is why homeowners get their plumbing water lines inspected when purchasing a home in an ageing neighbourhood. Many water mains in aging Hamilton neighbourhoods are at risk of damage from corrosion or organic obstructions. Get your water lines inspected, repaired or replaced with help from professional plumbers in Hamilton.
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