Toilet Repair

Toilet Repair Services In Hamilton

We repair and replace broken toilets in Hamilton. Our plumbers help you diagnose your problem and when possible will repair the toilet. Some toilets cannot be repaired due to parts not being available or when the cost to replace the toilet is greater. Our expert plumbers will check the damage to your toilet and provide expert advice on whether you should repair or replace your toilet. All of our toilet repairs are done by licensed plumbers and repaired to the specification of the manufacturer and up to code. Get professional toilet repairs in Hamilton by the professionals!

Toilet Diagnosis & Repair Process

Our team of plumbers has years of experience that means we know how to repair toilets. We sometimes take that information for granted and will explain our repair process here. The first step is to look and listen to what the toilet is telling us. From running water to slow drainage there are many clues for us to know what the problem is. For problems with drainage we need to inspect the inside of the tank but that’s not always true.

Repairing Toilet Parts Inside The Tank

For toilet repair that involves the tank we will remove the lid and inspect the parts inside. The parts inside your tank can be replaced and do sometimes fail. Comme repairs inside the toilet tank include the float arm, trip level, ball cock, and tank ball. Sometimes a repair can be complete by making adjustments to the tension chain or other parts inside the toilet.

Repairing Toilet Leaks

Toilet leaks can be diagnosed by water on the floor or by smells coming from your toilet. Gasses can come up from the sewer for toilets with loose connections, broken wax seals or from plumbing problems. Rubbers gaskets from inside the toilet can break down over time and begin to slowly leak. If you notice bad smells, water on the floor, damaged caulking or a wobbly toilet then you are one flush away from a 12 gallon leak. Replacing a n aging wax seal is far easier and cheaper than repairing the water damage from a missed broken toilet.

Repairing Drainage Issues

Repairing clogs and drainage can be the result of flushing something that shouldn’t have been or build up of material, sediment and oil. Our plumbers fix drains by determining if the problem is affecting the entire home or just the toilet in question. We have the basic and professional tools to unclog drains including plungers, augers and water jets. Upon successful drain cleaning your toilet should be flushing and draining like the day it was installed!

Repairing All Kinds Of Toilets In Hamilton

With our experts, toilet repairs are very easy! We can repair running toilets, broken handles, clogs and more. Our experience allows us to quickly diagnose any problems related to broken parts, seals or drainage. For homes and apartments in Toronto living without a toilet is an emergency and we will try to prioritize toilet repairs in emergency situations.

Toilet Repairs By Manufacturer

Toilets repair kits are universal and can be used to repair most makes and models of toilets sold in Hamilton. Replaceable toilet parts include the fill valve, flush valve, tank lever, seals & flapper. Most toilet manufacturers provide toilet repair parts and we can fix most toilets made by Moe, Kohler, American Standard and more.

Toilet Repairs For All Styles

There are many kinds of toilets to choose for your home. Our plumbers can repair any kind of toilet regardless if it is elongated, one or two pieces. In fact, when it comes to the plumbing, each style of toilet is very similar for us to repair. Regardless of the kind of toilet you have, we can repair it as long as it is economical and the replacement parts are available or compatible.

Common Toilet Repairs In Hamilton

  • Wobbly toilets
  • Running toilets(flapper failure)
  • Broken handles
  • Toilet won’t flush
  • Fill valve broken
  • Clogged toilet
  • Cracked toilet
  • Leaking toilet flange
For a professional diagnosis on your toilet repair, a plumber will need to be dispatched to your home. Most toilet repairs can be completed by a single plumber in a single service call but for more serious problems involving plumbing or drainage that can change. Most customers can describe their symptoms over the phone and get general help with questions about our repair process over the phone.
Get Fast Toilet Repairs in Hamilton With Help From Professional Plumbers!