Pipe Repair

Hamilton Plumbing Pipe Repairs

Looking for a plumber that can repair leaking pipes? You want someone with the expertise to quickly find the leak and prevent water damage in your home. Our plumbers come equipped with the tools and equipment needed to complete most residential pipe repairs in a single visit. Choose a plumbing company that focuses on customer satisfaction at every step along the way. For more information on pipe repair services please call or email to schedule a visit from Hamilton Plumbing.

Pipe Repair Services In Hamilton Plumbers

Pipe repairs can be caused by punctures from nails or screws, from corrosion or from seals breaking down over time. When it comes to repairing pipes there are 2 common practices our plumber will use. The first and easiest solution is to patch the hole with a clamp that goes over the pipe and prevents any further leaks. This method is usually only appropriate for pipes with small and uniform punctures. When pipes break because of corrosion or physical damage we usually need to cut out the damaged pipe and replace the entire section with a new ABS pipe. The opening required to repair the pipe depends on the location of the water pipe and the severity of the damage.

Pipe Repair Process

No matter what kind of pipe repair you need we have the experience and tools to get the job done right! We use the right product depending on whether we are repairing copper, ABS or Pex pipes. Pipe repair services are always completed to the specifications required by local codes and regulations.
Step 1

Locate the Damaged Pipe

Our first step is to identify where the damaged pipe is located inside your home. Professionals plumbers know how houses in Hamilton are designed so it won’t take us long to find them. Common locations are shower valves and bathtub P-traps/drains.

Step 2

Drain Water Lines

Our plumbers will shut off the flow of water to the affected area. Next, we drain the water pipes to prevent the water from flowing until the repair has been completed. With the water drained we can start repairing your pipe.

Step 3

Open Wall & Replace Damaged Section

We can repair copper, ABS & plastic plumbing pipes. The repair process for each varies slightly but the main elements never change. The plumber cut a hole in the wall, floor or roof to gain access to the damage. The damaged pipe section is cut out and replaced with brand new pieces.

Replace Or Repair Broken Pipes In Your Home!

Hamilton Plumbers provides professional pipe repair services. If you notice water after a shower or when washing dishes you might have a damaged pipe that needs to be fixed. We can locate the damaged pipe quickly and repair it with confidence so you won’t need to worry about the leak returns. When dealing with water problems inside your home its best to just call the experts and let us help you repair damaged plumbing fast!

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