Outdoor Tap Repair

Outdoor Tap Repair

If you’re like most homeowners in Hamilton, you probably take your outdoor tap for granted. You turn it on to water your plants or clean your car, and never think twice about it. But what do you do when that outdoor tap starts leaking? Or worse, stops working altogether? Repairing or replacing an outdoor water tap is easy with the help of a local plumber. So if you’re having problems with your outdoor taps, don’t wait – call a plumber today!


If you are a homeowner in Hamilton, you know that outdoor water taps can be a real headache when they stop working. For small repairs like outdoor taps our team can usually repair or replace outdoor water taps in a single service call. If the plumbing is difficult to access some outdoor tap repairs could take a bit longer but usually the service is complete in under an hour.


Frost free outdoor faucets allow homeowners the luxury of not having to turn off the plumbing every fall and spring. Forgetting to winterize your outdoor taps puts your home at risk of flooding from frozen pipes. Our plumbers can replace old copper piping and replace it with modern taps that do not freeze! The best part is from the outside you cant even tell they are any different.

Call to upgrade your outdoor water taps to frost free faucets today.

Get Your Burst Water Taps Replaced This Spring With Plumbing Hamilton!

In the spring, many Hamilton homeowners will notice water damage in their basements. If you forgot to winterize your outdoor taps we have a process to get your plumbing fixed quickly and easily by choosing Plumbing Hamilton.
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