Hot Water Tank

Hot Water Tank Repair & Replacement In Hamilton

If your hot water heater stops working suddenly get it repaired or replaced by professional plumbers in Hamilton. We are authorized to diagnose and repair most hot water heaters manufactured and sold in Canada. We can repair or replace water heaters that are under warranty from the manufacturer. For older hot water heaters that break down it is often more economical to replace it rather than repair. Schedule an inhome service call and determine if your broken hot water heater is repairable. Call or email to begin your hot water tank reaper today!

Hot Water Tank Repair Checklist


Check all the wire connections for potential intermittent solutions, disconnect and reconnect to ensure connectors are corrosion free and seated properly. We will ensure the ground wire on the circuit board is connected to ensure the circuit board is free of corrosion and scratches.


Check the spark probe to ensure it is both clean and smooth without any flaking materials or rust. Damage to the ceramic insulation can cause the spark to be connected with the ground or bracket. If the spark probe is damaged it needs to be replaced.


Alignment of the main burner and burner tube is checked to confirm the gas is going unobstructed through the tube. The valve is adjusted until the alignment is confirmed. The flame spreader is checked to make sure the isnt being diverted away from the spark. The burner has an air valve that can be opened or closed to ensure a clean burning blue flame is present.


Check the voltages on the valve and circuit board. Most Valve solenoids are going to require about 12 volts to function correctly. The water heaters circuitry should be checked to see if it is working with load. If the valve is working under normal power then the circuit board could have an intermittent fault.

Common Water Heater Repairs

Water Temperature is Too Hot Or Cold
There is a thermostat on your water heater than is adjustable by the homeowners. If you have already adjusted and calibrated the temperature of your hot water heater, you may requires repair. Repairs include adjustment of the bypass valve where water is mixed, thermostat not seated properly, or your thermostat is defective and needs replaced.
Water Heater Tank Corrosion
Rust build up on the inside of the water heater will create weakness over time until pinhole leaks develop. Even aluminum tanks have oxides built up over time that can cause corrosion over time. To avoid any corrosion from building up over time its best to have a plumber flush you hot water heater periodically as recommended by the manufacturer. Flushing your water tank will also help it run more efficiently and keep the anode rod heating your water.
Winterizing Your Hot Water Heater
Winterizing a hot water tank will prevent flooding and leaks if it is going to be idle over the winter months in Hamilton. OUr winterization process includes shutting off the main water supply to the unit. The drain plug is removed and water removed. Using this winterization method ~8L of water will remain in the tank but even if it freezes it wont damage the drain, pressure valve of any other components.
Flushing Your Water Heater to Remove Rotten Egg Smell
If you notice an unpleasant sulfur or rotten egg smell from your hot water supply the repair is completed with a complete water tank flush. We first turn off the main water supply, remove the pressure temperature valve and add cleaning solution to the tank. Next our plumbers will cycle the water 4-5 times before removing the plug and draining the water. The hot water tank is flushed with either water or air pressure which allows stagnant water and sediment to be removed. Upon completion the water heater’s drain plug in inserted and the unit is filled with fresh water.

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