Frozen Pipes

Frozen & Burst Pipe Repair

Nothing is more stressful or urgent than a burst pipe inside your home. When a pipe bursts, it’s common for homes to get flooded. The first thing you should do is shut off the main water supply and call your plumber so they can come fix whatever caused this issue (in Hamilton that is often the cause of burst pipes in the spring).

What To Do If You Have a Burst Pipe In Hamilton

Shut off the main water line to the home so no more water can flood the area. Then turn on the other faucets in the home to remove as much water as possible. Water may continue to leak as ice inside the pipe begins to thaw.

With all the water drained from the system you should turn up the heat in the home an help eliminate ice from inside the pipe. You should also open all the windows and doors to increase ventilation and help remove excess moisture. Renting industrial fans will help airflow and fight against mold.

The best way to avoid frozen pipes is by insulating the areas around them or using non-conductive piping around exteriors. After repairing burst or frozen pipes have a plumber ensure the plumbing is up to code and prevent more leaks in other areas in your home next winter.

Of course call plumbers to identify the cause of the burst pipe and get professional advice on the risk of freezing pipes inside other areas of your home.

Insurance approved plumbers in Hamilton ready to help repair frozen and burst pipes.

It is frustrating to have a burst pipe or frozen pipe, and we want to help you get back on your feet as quickly as possible. There are many reasons why pipes freeze in the winter, but no matter what caused it, our team of experienced plumbers can fix it for you. Our insurance approved service means that you won’t be footing the bill yourself!

The last thing anyone wants after dealing with a broken pipe is an even bigger bill than they were expecting. That’s why we work with all major insurance providers so that your claim will be accepted and paid out without any hassle from us – just sit back and relax while we take care of everything for you!
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