Hamilton Plumbing Repair Services

That’s why we offer professional plumbing services in Hamilton for homes and businesses. Our plumbers are always on time, courteous, and clean up after themselves so that you can get back to enjoying your day as soon as possible. If you need help with any type of plumbing repairs like leaking pipes, broken water heaters or other plumbing equipment. Call or email us with details about your plumbing repairs and we can help schedule an appointment to repair your plumbing problems. We only schedule plumbing repairs by appointment but will try to prioritize emergency repairs with priority service!


Pipe Repair

Get professionally pipe repairs in your Hamilton home. From leaking pipes to burst pipes we repair pipes inside your home. Learn more about the processes available for pipe repairs.

Faucet Repair

Get your kitchen or bathroom faucet repaired or replaced. Leaky faucets can be caused by loose connections, old washers, or damaged cartridges, spray heads or faucet handles. If parts aren’t available damaged faucets need to be replaced.

Toilet Repair

Common toilet repairs include flush valve seals, flapper replacement, wax seal replacement and tank levers. Most toilet repairs can be completed in a single call-out plus part and labour. Learn more about toilet problems we can repair inside your home.

Shower Repair

We can help repair common plumbing problems inside your home’s shower. loose showerheads, supply valve regulation (prevent scalding showers), and broken shower diverters are all common service calls and shower repairs.

Bath Tub Repairs

Get mechanical repairs on bathtubs with leaking jets, overflow valves, drains, water valves and spigots. Our plumbers can repair seals, leaks and damaged hardware on your bathtub.

Hot Water Tank

Hot water tanks are pretty reliable but they can need repairs after regular use. Not all parts are available for all models. Typical repairs include blower motors, burner assembly, blocked intake or exhaust and ignition failures. Learn more about our hot water tank repairs.

Outdoor Tap

Outdoor taps can become damaged after becoming frozen or from weathering and use. Most outdoor taps cannot be repaired but rather replaced. For existing taps, we can replace them with freeze-free models that do not need to be turned off in the winter.

Water Line

Water lines can be repaired both inside and outside the home. First, our plumbers locate the leak, turn off the water and then begin the repair. Repairing water lines can be completed by replacing the pipe or covering the damage with a patch and clamp.


Leaking pipes can be repaired with a variety of methods. The pipe material, location and type of damage can determine the best repair option. Repairing leaking pipes can be remedied with better seals, replacing the part or with patch & clamp.

Septic Tank

For plumbing-related septic repairs, we can help snake clogged septic drains, and upgrade broken water pumps connected to your septic tank. Septic tank failures can be seen through drain backups or muddy soil around your system. Read about our septic tank maintenance and repair options in Hamilton.

Sewer Line

Cracked sewer pipes can cause serious problems in Hamilton homes. Root growth and freeze cycles can damage copper, clay or plastic pipes. Trenchless sewer line repair and repairs that require excavation are options depending on the locations and condition of your sewer line.

Plumbing Repairs For Residential & Business In Hamilton!

No matter what kind of plumbing repair you require our team of professional licensed plumbers would be glad to answer any questions about the plumbing problems inside your home! Get trusted help from experts when it comes to repairing a broken pipe or leaking faucet. Choose a plumbing company with dedicated plumbers that pride themselves on giving long-lasting plumbing repairs you know was done right and up to code!

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