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Water Softener Installation in Hamilton

Did you know that the total hardness of Hamilton city water supply is calculated to be around 40g/m3 as CaCO3? The water hardness level in Hamilton by Grains/Gallon measurement comes out to be 8.4, which is moderately hard.

Water softener systems in Hamilton homes are becoming increasingly popular. If you are also looking to install one in your home, Plumbing Hamilton has got you covered!

While you can also conveniently purchase water softener systems in Hamilton through us, if you have already bought one, we highly recommend you hire a registered and experienced plumbing service like ours. Trust us, this will save you a lot of time, money, and effort in the long run!

The Installation Process

No two installation scenarios are identical, however, there are some general steps that our skilled plumbers will be taking to successfully install your water softener.

Step 1 – Turning Off the Water Supply
To start the water softener installation process, our expert plumbers will begin by turning off the main water supply valve. They’ll open all outlets to drain water from the house pipes except the water heater, as leaving the water heater tank waterless could damage its elements.
Step 2 – Installing the Brine Tank Overflow Elbow
Our team of skilled plumbers will install the brine tank overflow elbow to the back of the salt storage tank and put the water softener into place. They’ll inspect the inlet and outlet valves for any debris and if required, put a thin coating of silicone on the bypass “o-rings”. To complete the assembly, our water softener installation experts will push the single bypass valve into the water softener valve and snap the holding clips into place to secure it.
Step 3 – Grounding Your Water Softener System
In most Hamilton houses, the main water pipe is used to ground many electrical systems installed at home, protecting you from electrical shock. When your water softener is installed with a plastic bypass valve then this ground is broken. The expert plumbers from Plumbing Hamilton will secure grounding clamps and an appropriately-sized copper wire to the water softener system location.

Safety precautions like these can only be ensured by licensed and experienced plumbers like us who know the local electrical and plumbing codes for safe and secure installation.

Step 4 – Inlet/Outlet Plumbing
Our plumbers will complete the inlet and outlet plumbing by measuring, cutting, and assembling the fittings from the main water pipe to the inlet/outlet ports of your water softener valve.
Step 5 – Installing Valve Drain & Salt Storage Tank Overflow Hoses
In this step, the skilled plumbers from Plumbing Hamilton will measure and cut the drain lines to the water softener valve and salt storage tank overflow elbow. Each individual line will be secured with a hose clamp.

If your water softener system is gravity-driven, the hose will be routed to a suitable drain point, lower than the salt storage tank overflow elbow for effective functioning of the entire system.

Step 6 – Adding Water and Salt
Depending upon the size of your water softener tank, our experienced plumbers will add salt and water to the storage tank.

When you hire the water softener installation services of Plumbing Hamilton, you won’t need to be concerned about all the technicalities such as which salt to use – nugget, coarse solar, or pellet salts.

Step 7 – Plug-In the Power
After running a final check on all the wirings, connections, and assemblies, our crew will power up the system and look out for any leakages.

Our qualified plumbers will also help you program the water softener according to your household needs and what’s best for Hamilton homes. This is where our tons of experience of working in the Hamilton plumbing industry counts!

Water Softener Systems Considerations

Before you make your final decision about which water softener to buy in Hamilton, there are several factors that you should consider. Here is a quick breakdown of some important factors:

Efficiency and Functionality:
Water softening systems in Hamilton come with many different features and options. A high-end system will offer features such as better efficiency, less power consumption, improving water taste and the odor by removing chlorine molecules, capacity for water supply to the entire home, sediment filters, and salt level indicators.
Purchasing and Installation Costs:
When you opt for a water softener system with basic features, you are going to pay less as compared to one that incorporates advanced technology with high-end features. You can save a lot on your purchasing and installation costs if you partner with Plumbing Hamilton.
Water Usage at Your Home:
Water softening capabilities, called “grain capacity”, is another important consideration. Grain capacity is measured in 10s of thousands and mostly you’ll see this number in combination with the model number. Get in touch with Plumbing Hamilton for accurate measurement. However, a general reference would be:

  • For 1 to 4 people home, use ~30,000 grains minimum
  • For 5 to 6 people home, use ~40,000 grains minimum

Final Verdict

If you are living alone or have a small family, we suggest you go for a low-medium capacity water softener model with basic features. However, if you have a growing family with laundry and washing requirements at home then you may want to get a system with a grain capacity of 40,000 or even more

Why Choose Plumbing Hamilton For Your Water Softener Installation?

If you are looking to buy or install your water softener system in Hamilton that fits your unique requirements, get in touch with Plumbing Hamilton right now. Installation, maintenance, repair, and supplies – we’ll do it all for you!