Washing Machine Installation

Quick & Reliable Washing Machine Installation Services in Hamilton

Modern washing machines are sleek, hi-tech, and come in all shapes and sizes. No matter what the make or type of your washer, it is important to get it installed correctly. If you’re looking to buy or install your washing machine in Hamilton we highly recommend you hire a professional plumbing service like Plumbing Hamilton.

Our top-rated service delivers the best washing machine installation and repair services at the most competitive rates. Call us now!

Washing Machine Installation in Hamilton

When it’s about laundry, we realize that all the loading, sorting, ruffling, and organizing can be a tedious task! But when it comes to the basic function of any washer – the cleaning part – your washing machine will work optimally and flawlessly for many years if it’s installed by a professional plumbing service.

The licensed installation technicians at Plumbing Hamilton will not only install or repair your washing machine for you but can also assist you in buying a unit that’s ideally suited for all your unique needs and requirements.

Our Washing Machine Installation Process

While the installation process is not the same for different types of washing machines, here is a general step-by-step process that our expert plumbers are going to follow to successfully install your washing machine:

Step1. Unpacking The Washing Machine
Our experts will start the process by carefully unboxing your washer and removing all the protective bolts. They’ll install the protective plate at the bottom to seal off any access areas to the inner compartments of your washer. Next, after placing your washing machine on a flat surface, they’ll level it by adjusting the washer legs.
Step2. Connecting The Water Supply
Almost all modern washing machines come with pre-included hoses that fit perfectly to the inlet and outlet valves. Our experienced plumbers will connect these hoses to the water supply and ensure that no pipe is twisted or pressed as it can lead to a restricted water supply and reduce the overall efficiency. They’ll tighten the hoses to the valves and double-check if they’re sealed properly. Minimum and maximum water pressure allowed usually ranges from 0.05 MPa or 0.5 bar to 1 MPa or 10 bar.

There is no need for you though to get into the technicalities! The experienced plumbers from Plumbing Hamilton would exactly know what specifications will go with your washing machine model or make.
Step3. Installing The Drainage
The drainage outlet valve is located at the back of most washers. The skilled plumbers from Plumbing Hamilton will fix the drain hose to the outlet valve in a way that it won’t move or loosen up while the machine is operating.
Step4. Connecting The Electric Power Supply
If you’ve already got an electric wall socket that’s installed at a visible and accessible place then our washing machine installation experts will connect your washer to it. However, if you need a new socket, or if your old socket needs earthing, the experts from Plumbing Hamilton can take care of it too.
Step5. Perform a Test Run
After completing the installation process for your washing machine, our experts will switch on the power and water supplies to perform a complete functionality check. They’ll check all the connections for leaks and inspect your washer for any unusual vibrations or noises. Once they are through with their test, they’ll call you for inspection.

Washing Machine Features and Considerations

When it comes to buying washing machines in Hamilton, you have many options to choose from. Here is a quick breakdown of the washing machines categories available in Hamilton today.
By Functions
Modern washing machines come with many additional features and functions such as a built-in drier, digital displays, semi or fully-automatic modes, and even wifi connectivity for remote operations from your smartphone. You can either opt for one with all these latest functions or get a simple one with only basic features.
By Capacity:
As far as the capacity of your washer is concerned, you can get compact washers (2.30 to 3 cubic feet), standard washers (3.1 to 4 cubic feet), or high capacity washers (4.1 to 5 cubic feet).
By Loading Options:
Mainly there are two loading options available for domestic grade washing machines in Hamilton – front load and top load. Top load washers are easier to load as there is no need to bend over while loading and can also be refilled mid cycle. However, front load washers typically have higher washing capacity and are far quieter as compared to top-load options.
By Price:
The price of your washer will depend on several factors such as the brand, washing capacity, loading options, and features such as a built-in drier and digital displays. To give you a rough idea, a basic washer unit with no additional features will be almost a third of the price of a fully-automatic, high-end washing machine in Hamilton.

Our Verdict

Based on their functions, capacity, loading options, and price, your choice will ultimately depend on your needs and your budget.

If you’re a family of 2-3 and looking for a low-medium cost washing machine to fulfill your basic needs, we suggest you go for a top-loading washing unit with or without a built-in drier unit.

However, if you have a large family of 4 plus and have to do your laundry several times a week, we suggest you go for a robust, high capacity, front-load option that will give you better results and operating costs. To add to your convenience, you can install your front load washing machine on a laundry pedestal that will raise about 12”-15” above the ground for easier loading.

Why Should You Call Plumbing Hamilton For Your Washing Machine Installation in Hamilton?

Modern washing units require immaculate installation to maximize efficiency and ensure longevity. When you partner with Plumbing Hamilton, we’ll take care of the entire washing machine installation process – from removing your old washer unit and buying and installing the new one that fits your household needs perfectly.

We have been operating in the Hamilton plumbing industry for years. This gives us a unique competitive advantage over other plumbing services in Hamilton.

Get in touch with plumbing Hamilton today and our licensed experts will be there to guide you about the best possible course of action!

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