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Hamilton Shower Installation Services

Get your shower installed by professional plumbers in Hamilton!

Our plumbers provide plumbing services for expert shower installations. Our services include replacing old shower fixtures & drains, installing new plumbing for luxury shower panels or rainfall showerheads. Shower installations are guaranteed to be installed to code. When remodelling your bathroom’s shower, hire a licensed plumber to handle all the plumbing including running new water pipes, installing drains, shower pans and fixtures. Need a plumber for your shower renovation? Call or email to learn more about our services and how we can help homeowners and general contractors.

Why Choose Plumbing Hamilton For Shower Installation?

Why use plumbing and not a general contractor for your shower installation? Plumbers are licensed to ensure that your shower is constructed so that water cannot leak through the walls, the number of showerheads must correspond with the size of the drain & the slope of the shower floor is adequate so water won’t flood.


Permits, Inspections & Professional Plumbing Service


Water pressure regulator adjustments


Hot water regulator valves


Fixtures and drains are securely fastened and sealed


Showers and plumbing installed to building code and inspected when required

How To Guarantee A Leak Free Shower?

How Our Plumbers Install A Toilet

Replacing a toilet isn’t difficult for our experienced plumbers! Replacing an existing toilet can be a really easy and affordable job. Changing a toilet isn’t a difficult task but choosing a plumber to help will save you a few hours and you can rest easy knowing the toilet was installed to code.

Drain Inspection & Slope
When installing shower drains, our work meets the minimum code of having a downward slope of at least 1:50 and drainage occurs above 0.6 m per second. Using high-quality durable rubber gaskets & pro-grade plumbers putty help ensure a water-tight seal for years to come.
Your Last Ling Of Defense... A Shower Pan
Your shower pan provides a strong last line of defence against all leaks inside your shower. If ever there is a leak in your tile or mortar a shower pan or membrane will protect your home from leaks and water damage. A properly installed shower pan requires sub-floor preparation, a secure connection to the shower drain flange and finally, it must be secured to the floor with a strong adhesive.

Our plumbers work for homeowners and contractors providing professional plumbing services as part of shower renovations and installations. When it comes to trades and knowledgeable expert is worth the expense of knowing the job was installed right. We can help with all your plumbing needs and help with water pressure, hot water supply, installing new fixtures, drains and much more! Guaranteed labour, warrantied parts and Hamiltons #1 source for plumbing services.

Water Softeners

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Plumbing Hamilton Shower Plumbing Services

We offer professional shower plumbing services in Hamilton. We can replace shower fixtures, drains and valves to update the oldest showers on a budget. Want to install a rainfall showerhead or a new shower panel? It’s easy for us to tie into your existing shower valve and connect the water for modern shower designs.
  • Replace fixtures, valves or drains.
  • Install multi-valve shower panel
  • Rainfall shower plumbing & installation
  • Waterproofing: shower pan or membrane installations
  • High-quality Caulking & sealing
  • Sloping shower drain installation