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Looking for quick and reliable shower fixture installation services in Hamilton but not quite sure where to find the best one? Or perhaps your dripping shower faucet looks like something straight from the ’90s and needs an urgent replacement. It’s time to call in the expert plumbers at Plumbing Hamilton and get it all taken care of conveniently!
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Shower Fixtures Installation in Hamilton

From handling countless commercial and residential regulations to helping you out in buying your favorite style shower fixture, hiring a local plumbing company pays a lot of dividends. The expert plumbers at Plumbing Hamilton have got the experience and skills to get the job done efficiently and within your approved budget. Just get in touch with us and we’ll do it all for you – from buying to installing and repairing your shower fixtures.
If you have already bought a shower fixture for your bathroom and are just looking for an authentic shower fixture installation service in Hamilton then our experts are available on short notice to get it all done. With tried and tested processes, advanced tools, and the latest plumbing techniques, we’ll make sure that your shower fixture installation work is carried out promptly and with minimum disturbance.

Our Shower Fixture Installation Process

The shower fixture installation process depends on the type and model of the fixtures themselves, however, our skilled plumbers from Plumbing Hamilton will broadly follow these steps to successfully install your shower fixtures:
Step1. Cutting Off The Water Supply
Our expert team will first cut the water supply off in your bathroom before commencing further work. Usually, the water supply valve is located within the bathroom and can be cut off easily. If that’s not installed, the supply will be cut off from the main home water supply.
Step2. Accessing The Main Compartment
To install the shower faucet, our experienced crew will access the plumbing behind the wall. If there is an access panel already in place, they’ll open it up to access the main compartment.
However, if the compartment is located within your bathroom drywall with no access, our plumbers will have to open it up using appropriate tools like a regular saw, hammer, and hole saw.
Step3. Mark The Height and Location of Your Shower Fixture
Our plumbers will measure and mark the spot where your shower fixture will be installed. This is an important step to ensure the best ergonomics and comfort of use but can easily be ignored by less experienced shower fixture installation services in Hamilton.
Our plumbers will take all factors into consideration. Your height, available space in the bathroom, desired shower angle, and presence of any electrical appliances near the shower.
Step4. Installing The Valve Guard
To place the shower head on the wall or ceiling, the experts from Plumbing Hamilton will first inspect the wall in your bathroom. If you’ve got a thin wall made up of materials like fiberglass or thin tiles, the plaster guard will be attached to the valve to protect it.
If you’ve got a thick wall made up of materials such as cement, thick tiles, or drywall, the plaster guard will be installed flushed with the finished wall.
Step5. Installing The Water Connections
In this step, our team of expert plumbers will carefully place hot and cold water connections to the main showerhead and tub outlet pipes. All connections will be threaded, sealed, and properly secured to ensure complete water tightness.
Step6. Installing The Shower Arm and Tub Spout
By inserting the shower arm (long end) through the flange and connecting it to the pipe elbow located inside the wall, our skilled plumbers will carefully tighten the shower arm with a wrench.
Similarly, by connecting the tub spout outlet pipe with the lower pipe elbow and tightening the connections, our experts will install the tub spout connections.
Step7. Flushing and Checking For Leaks
To finish the installation process, our plumbers will open the main water supply and all inlet pipes to the full mix position and let the water run out for 1-2 minutes, flushing out any accumulated dirt or foreign objects. Once the water coming out of the shower is clean and there are no leaks, our plumbers will ask you to inspect it yourself.

Shower Fixtures Features and Considerations

Before you set out buying shower fixtures in Hamilton it’s important to be crystal-clear about what you’re looking for. There is a wide range of types and styles available for shower faucets in the market today.

Depending upon your needs and personal preferences, you can choose one or more fixtures for your bathroom in Hamilton such as:

Shower Heads (wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted)


Hand-held Showers (straight and pressure control options)


Body Sprays (single-side, 180 degrees, or full 360 degrees).


Fully-Automated Shower Systems (digital, touch panels)

Purchasing and Installation Costs:

In Hamilton, basic shower fixtures like showerheads and hand-held showers will cost you less than high-end shower systems or even body sprays. The cost of installing and repairing premium shower fixtures with temperature, volume, and pressure controls will also be considerably higher than their uncomplicated counterparts.

Your Showering Habits:

That’s right! If you enjoy having long and hot showers you may want to get a fully functional shower system for you that comes with all the modern features such as digital displays, touch control panels, and even built-in wifi for remotely controlling your shower fixtures!

Final Verdict

1. Based on your budget and available space in your bathroom, you may opt for any of the options mentioned earlier. But if you ask us, our advice would be based on your lifestyle.

2. If you live a busy life and don’t have a lot of spare time to spend long hours in your hot shower or tub, we’ll suggest you go for a shower-only faucet (low budget) or body sprayer (medium budget) option.

3. However, if you love spending a relaxing time in your hot shower or tub and would like to enhance your experience then we recommend you go for a shower faucet and tub combo (medium budget) or a full-fledged shower system with temperature and pressure controls (high budget) option.

Why Choose Plumbing Hamilton For Your Shower Fixtures Installation?

Still not sure which shower fixture to buy in Hamilton that is going to suit your home and requirements best? Hand over your worries to us! Plumbing Hamilton has got years of experience in providing fully customized tailor-made solutions for Hamilton residents.
When you partner with us, you’ll save time, money, and effort in the long run. Don’t tolerate your annoying shower faucet anymore, call us right now!

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