Septic Tank

Septic Tank Installation

A septic tank is an essential component of your home’s waste disposal system, and if not installed properly, it can pose a severe health threat to your family and neighborhood. Hamilton plumbing is proud to be your go-to for plumbing repair and septic tank installation in Hamilton. We are committed to providing exceptional customer service, prompt turnaround times on installations, repairs, preventative maintenance visits, and reasonable prices for all of your requirements.
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Every Hamilton household places a high value on having an efficient waste elimination system. When it’s not working correctly, it can cause a significant threat to public health, pollution, and disease outbreaks.
Maintaining septic tanks and systems requires a great deal of effort, but it’s hard to prevent the need for a new tank or design in some instances. Whether it’s a sewer or septic tank, it’s best to trust the pros to do the repair or installation.

What is a Septic Tank System?

Septic tanks are used for wastewater disposal in locations without an adequate drainage system, such as rural areas, and without access to the city’s central sewage system. It works by collecting the excreta and wastewater in one big underground tank.

A septic system is a substantial financial commitment. If cared for, a well-designed, professionally built, and properly maintained system may offer years of dependable, low-cost service.

What follows are more details and pretty much all you need to know about Septic Tank Installation.

How to prepare for Septic Tank Installation

When it comes to installing a residential septic tank, this is a job best left to the pros. From selecting a new unit to establishing and maintaining the system,

here’s what to look for as you begin your search:

Before proceeding with excavation and signing paperwork, it’s crucial to conduct your due diligence on the price and company options. It would be helpful to check the company’s reputation from trusted third-party consumer review sites like Google Business profile, Yelp and receive quotes from certified Hamilton septic tank installers.

Check to see that the contractor you select is properly insured, licensed, and has included in their quote all essential preparations, such as excavation and drain field sampling.

Septic systems need a drain area or leach field, which serves as an absorbent and filter of liquid residue so that it doesn’t mix off and contaminate runoff water or leak into the water table.

Before installing a septic tank, you should secure a Percolation (“Perc”) test. The test result shows that the soil complies with municipal and local health department regulations. Generally, the soil must include a suitable quantity of permeable material such as sand or gravel. Once the test indicates that the site is ideal for installation, The next step is obtaining a permit and beginning the installation procedure.

It will take heavy machinery to dig the vast land required for a septic tank’s installation. Consider the cost of renting a machine and landscape repairs as a result of excavation.
Plan your excavation to avoid conflict with the construction process of your new home. Also, the preparation of driveways and sidewalks often takes place following the construction of the home’s primary structure.

Types of Septic Tanks


If you’re searching for a septic tank that is both sturdy and rust-proof, concrete septic tanks are your best option. But, restoration for these tanks will be challenging once it’s damaged.


These are the most inexpensive yet; it’s also the most susceptible to damage.


Septic tanks made of fiberglass are more durable than their plastic counterpart. However, it has a greater chance of dislodging once the water table rises too high.

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How do our plumbers install the Septic Tank?

Extraction and Excavation
Our plumbers will excavate your yard to install a new septic tank. In addition, there will be some chances of extending the excavation to accommodate the needed pipes and a drain field in the location you choose.
Installation of Plumbing and Drainage

Septic tanks are the final destination for all waste and water that flows through your plumbing system. Waste from the house must be channeled via drainage pipes before being disposed of in the drain field. To secure that your septic system is functioning correctly after excavation and installation of the tank, your septic system contractors will inspect all of the pipes.

System Filling and Inspection
Lastly, they will fill up the space with gravel and inspect the whole system once more before sealing the septic tank. It will ensure that your system will start on the right foot and a chance for the specialist to identify minor issues that have slipped between the cracks.

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Just as crucial as choosing the right system is selecting the right person to install it. If you’re looking for a Septic tank installation, you should do your research and find a qualified Hamilton Plumber. Your equipment will run more efficiently and live longer if installed correctly. Plumbing Hamilton is ready to help you.

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