Outdoor Tap Installation

Outdoor Tap Installation in Hamilton

Do you live in Hamilton and love throwing outdoor parties on those rare warm afternoons? Or if you have a great-looking garden with plants that require constant watering – an outdoor tap is a must-have feature in your home. Plumbing Hamilton provides the fastest outdoor tap installation in Hamilton at super-affordable rates! Get in touch with us now to get a quote and book an appointment.

Outdoor Tap Installation Service by Plumbing Hamilton

An outdoor tap comes in handy for many occasions. The kids might want to fill up their inflatable pool or you might decide to wash your car on a lazy Saturday afternoon! Even for hosing down your dog or perhaps for cleaning the patio yourself, you’ll need access to water through an outdoor tap.

Whether it’s your home or your commercial property, our highly experienced plumbers, with years of experience working in the Hamilton area, will install all types of outdoor taps, whenever and wherever you ask them to!

Concerned about harsh Hamilton weather? Don’t worry! Our plumbing service specializes in installing hot water outdoor taps too! This is because, as a local plumbing service with years of experience working in Hamilton homes, we perfectly understand that the city’s weather can’t be trusted to remain warm for long.

Our expert plumbers in Hamilton will install a Y-fitting onto your water piping, which means you’ll have hot and cold water options and would be able to use your outdoor tap like an indoor mixer tap!

Our Outdoor Tap Installation Process

Every property is different and so is its plumbing layout. For this reason, the installation process for your outdoor tap will also be customized according to your specific needs. However, here are some general steps that our professional experts will undertake to successfully install an outdoor tap for your Hamilton home or commercial building:

  • Step 1 – Selecting The Installation Point
  • Selecting the place to install your outdoor tap depends on several factors including your specific needs. However, the most common spot for outdoor taps to be installed is on the wall outside the kitchen. And there is a good reason for it!

    The mains water is usually connected to the cold tap on the sink. So, if you want to have adequate pressure at the end of the hose, our plumbers will suggest you let us connect the tap to the water mains instead of the gravity-fed supplied tank.

    If there is open drainage beneath the newly installed tap then it’ll be super-convenient. If not, there is no need to worry, our professional plumbers will take care of this aspect too!

  • Step 2 – Deciding The Height Of Your Outdoor Tap
  • Selecting the appropriate height for your outdoor tap is equally as important. This is because your outdoor tap needs to be high enough to accommodate the watering can.

    The experienced plumbers from Plumbing Hamilton will first understand your usage requirements and consider all factors before selecting the position and height of your outdoor tap.

  • Step 3 – Identifying The Connections
  • Once the position and height of your outdoor tap have been decided, our experts will closely inspect the piping under the sink to identify other connections such as waste pipes and shelves.

    The easiest and fastest way is to keep it all simple and install the connection directly under the tap position on the outside wall.

  • Step 4 – Drilling The Hole
  • To create the space through the wall, our experts will drill a hole with a long masonry drill (usually 150mm in length). Using this pilot hole, our team will expand its opening (normally 22mm) using a masonry drill bit in a hammer action drill machine.

  • Step 5 – Placing a Protective Pipe
  • Once the hole has been made, the expert plumbers from our plumbing company will insert a copper pipe of appropriate diameter and length through the opening to act as a protective outer layer for the water pipe.

  • Step 6 – Fixing The Connections
  • Before running the actual water pipe through the protective copper layer, our experts will fit the coupling to connect the newly installed pipe. We’ll make sure that the water supply is turned off so as not to create an unnecessary mess under your sink. Our team of professional plumbers will also fix an inline shut-off valve and a drain cock.

    Using the plumber’s compound on the thread, our plumbers will screw the outdoor tap to the back-plate elbow and ensure the tightness of all compression joints.

  • Step 7 – Opening The Water Supply and Checking For Leaks
  • To recheck all the connections and water flow, our plumbers will open the water supply by opening the inline shutoff valve and closely inspect your newly installed outdoor tap for any leaks. They will also apply mastic sealant between sleeving and masonry, and also between 22mm and 15mm pipes.

    In the end, to protect all the pipework from the infamous Hamilton frost, our plumbers will fit some insulation material in the gaps.

    Outdoor Tap Features and Considerations

    There are some crucial factors to ponder when installing an outdoor tap, including the types and location of the fixtures, pipe materials, and fittings. A plumber that has experience in this field will be able to perform the task with ease:
    • Spigot Faucet :-
      If you want to go with a traditional style faucet for general purpose usage, you might want to go with a spigot faucet. They’re priced reasonably and the installation costs are also nominal. However, these taps tend to freeze over in harsh Hamilton winters!
    • Hose Bib Faucet :-
      Similar to spigot faucets, you also have another variant called hose bib faucets. Both these types of outdoor taps work on the same operating principle but unfortunately, hose bib faucets also lack weatherproofing features.
    • Ball Valve Faucet :-
      Also known as the shut-off valves, the ball valve faucets have a ball within them with a hole. A handle on top of the tap, that’s also connected to the ball inside the pipe, gives you the option to open or close the valve.
      The only downside to this type of outdoor tap is that they only give you the option to either open or close the valve. You won’t be able to control the pressure or flow of the water.
    • Frost-Proof Outdoor Faucet :-
      These taps have the inbuilt features to withstand harsh winters like those of Hamilton. You can get our expert plumbers to install one of these for your home and never worry about cold snaps.
      The only precaution that you must take with these is to disconnect your hose from them when not in use. This is because these taps have a downward angle to let the water drain out easily, preventing them from freezing. If the hose is kept attached then the water may not be allowed to drain fully.

    Final Verdict

    If you’re looking to get an outdoor tap at a budget then our suggestion would be to go for a spigot or hose bib faucet with additional weatherproofing features. This will cost you comparatively less, however, your outdoor tap will be “weather-resistant” not “weather-proof”.

    For those of you who are looking to use your outdoor tap all year round, with access to warm and cold water and ready to spend some extra bucks for it, frost-proof outdoor taps are your best option! You will have some additional purchase and installation costs but getting one of these will give you years of freedom to keep on using your outdoor tap all year round.

    Why Choose Plumbing Hamilton For Your Outdoor Tap Installation?

    Not all plumbing services in Hamilton deliver quality with affordability. With years of experience working in the local plumbing industry, our clients trust us to deliver the highest quality plumbing services at the most competitive rates. For us, client satisfaction matters the most, and our licensed and insured staff will go any length to make sure that you’re satisfied with our work.

    If you are looking for a quick and reliable outdoor tap installation service in Hamilton, call us on (289) 426-0840 or contact us through our contact form. Our expert plumbers will reach your site in the shortest possible time!

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