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Our Hot Water Tank Installation Process

Responsibility and transparency are the core values of our company. While all our staff is highly experienced in installing and repairing heating appliances including hot water tanks, we still want to keep our clients apprised of what our installation process will be like.

Why trust Hamilton Plumbers? You can go through all these technical details, but once you hire us, all you’ll need to do is just sit back and relax while our specialists take care of all the technical aspects of the installation.

The water heater installation process involves several steps. Here is a quick breakdown of how Hamilton Plumbing installs your water heater!

Step 1 - Water Connections and Piping
First of all, our technicians will make sure that your water heater is not attached to any other heating system that is used with a non-potable water heating device. If your water heater is connected with a closed water supply system, including those that have a back-flow preventer, we double-check the valve, water meter with check valve, etc. for the cold water supply to control and cater to the thermal water expansion. The cold inlet water line having a shutoff valve will be connected with the main body through sweat couplings.

Our expert plumbers will ensure proper fixing and leakproof connections of all water pipes to the water heater. If the hot water tank is attached to a copper pipe, our staff will install dielectric couplings or unions to protect against untimely corrosion and wear and tear.

Step 2 – Installing Temperature-Pressure Relief Valve
The second step involves the installation of the discharge pipe along with the temperature-pressure relief valve. Our team of professionals will consider all the safety aspects so that your hot water tank continues to work with maximum efficiency over a long time.

As an expert, our team will know that the discharge pipe should be bigger than the outlet pipe and should never be blocked or plugged. We’ll make sure that it is installed in a fashion that allows the drainage of both discharge pipe and temperature-pressure relief valve. The valve will be aligned perfectly with the drain to avoid the accumulation of water or moisture near your hot water tank.

As a local plumbing service with a lot of experience of working in and around the city, we exactly know the specifications of valves required by law as per local jurisdiction. Compliance with the local laws will never be your headache once you partner with us!

Step 3 – Filling the Water Heater
Our professional experts will close the drain valve and open the cold water inlet from the top. If the heater is intended to be used right away, our technicians will leave the cold water supply open.

The air will be allowed to exit from the main tank to ensure that the hot water tank is filled with water. This will be achieved by opening the hot water outlet until constant water outflow is observed.

Step 4 – Venting
Our team will make sure that all vent gases are vented out of the dwellings (main structure). We’ll also ensure that the vent pipes are properly tightened to the sheet with metal screws for the longevity and durability of your water heater. After making sure that there is at least 6 inches of clearance between the vent pipe and any other flammable material, the ventilation pipe will be sealed off with the chimney using a mortar mix cement.

The most critical aspect of the ventilation of your water heater is the selection of appropriately-sized vent pipes. With us in charge of your water heater installation, you’ll never have to contact your gas company or heater manufacturer for consultation or advice. We provide a one-window solution to all your water heater installation and repair issues.

Step 5 – Gas Piping
When it comes to gas water heater units, we will make sure that a gas pipe of sufficient size is connected to your water heater. On your behalf, our experts will consult the latest edition of National Fuel Gas Code ANSI Z223.1, also called NFPA 54. We’ll also ensure that all the manual shut-valves, drip leg, and a ground joint union are installed perfectly for the safety and long life of your hot water tank.

If you are located in a city that’s at an elevation of 2000 feet or above, our team will reduce the input rating by 4% for every thousand feet AMSL by replacing your burner orifice.

Step 6 –Lighting the Heater
Once we are all done with the steps mentioned earlier, it’s time to light up your hot water tank. But before this, our experienced plumbers will pour soapy water over all the pipes, valves, and joints to double-check the connections of your newly installed water heater for any leakages. After confirming that there are no leakages, they’ll dry up the soapy water solution and demonstrate the lighting process for your reference by going through all steps one by one.

To start lighting the water heater up, the outer door will be opened and the control knob will be put to OFF by slightly depressing it. The technician will wait for 5 minutes to clear out any stagnant gases.

After this, the knob will be put to PILOT position and will be kept pressed down and the pilot metal tube will be lighted immediately that’s located inside the inner door. Our technician will keep the PILOT button pressed for 1 minute and then release it. Lastly, the knob will be turned towards the ON position to get the full burner. The flame will be adjusted through the regulator located near the control unit of your hot water tank.

With such a detailed and thorough installation process Hamilton Plumbing customers know that the job was done right and to installed to the manufacturer specification. Call for more information on getting a plumber to install your residential hot water heater today,

Help Choosing The Right Hot Water Tank

In addition to gas water heaters, you can opt for electric and hybrid water heaters as well. Each type has its pros and cons but with all these options available in the market today, we understand that it can all seem a bit overwhelming when you’re trying to make up your mind. Don’t fret as we are here to help you make the right choice!

When you’re looking to buy a new hot water tank for your home, always consider these factors that are relevant to you:

  • Size of your family or number of people who will be using the water heater. Frequent usages require a large tank size and rapid heating but at the same time, these units consume more energy as they have large volumes of water to heat up.
  • Your budget. This should include purchasing costs as well as installation costs. You can reduce your overall costs by partnering with an expert plumbing service like us.
  • Efficiency versus affordability comparison. High-end hot water tanks are more expensive while more affordable options might not be as energy-efficient. So it’s almost always a question of compromise between the two factors.

Help Choosing The Right Hot Water Tank

If you have a large family (4 plus) that’s going to be using a single water heater, our advice would be to go for a gas hot water tank with a large storage capacity of around 50 gallons. The consumption costs will be a little higher but you’ll have readily available hot water for showers and doing the dishes.
For a smaller family, you can save on the consumption costs by installing electric water tanks that require less energy. However, these units run out of hot water sooner than their gas operated counterparts.
Want to enjoy the best of both worlds? Hybrid water heaters will give you both the options of saving on your consumption costs or running on full capacity, depending upon your changing requirements. However, these are costlier and also require a little more care than the first two options.

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