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Bathtubs are important feature of any bathroom. There are many options and designs to choose from when installing a new bathtub. Our professional plumbers can help remove your old tub and replace it with a new model. Replacing your bathtub has a huge impact on the appearance of your home, and with professional plumbers available to help, choose Plumbing Hamilton to schedule an appointment in your home.

Bathtub Installation Process

Get An Estimate

Without the need to move drains or install a new plumbing fixtures many clients trust us to provide affordable hourly service when replacing old tubs. For more complex bathroom remodelling it is best to schedule a quote so that we can estimate the time and material needed to get the bathtub installed.

Approve Quote

We will submit a formal price for the bathtub installation service for you to consider and compare with other plumbers in Hamilton. Once you are confident we are the right company to install your bath schedule your installation date with our customer service team.

Schedule Installation

Basic bathtub installations can be installed in just a few hours. We work directly with homeowners and with general contractors to provide expert bathtub installations in Hamilton.

How A Plumber Installs A New Bathtub?

Installing a new bathtub is one of those things many homeowners don’t ever get to experience. So naturally there are a lot of basic questions when it comes to the process of how we install and replace old bathtubs. With Plumbing Hamilton you’ll get professional plumbing services, removal of the old tub, installation of the new tub with great customer service and the confidence in knowing you got a leak free bath tub installation.

Choosing The New Style of Bathtub
The first thing you’ll want to do is choose a style of bathtub that you want to replace your old bath with. Most bathtubs are 60” long and 30” to 32” wide but they come in all shapes and sizes. When considering which bathtub to purchase, keep in mind that changing size or shape of your tub can increase the cost of installing since walls and drains might need to be moved. Also many spa features require electrical GFCI outlets which we can install but will add to the bathtub installation cost.
Removal Of The Old Bathtub

Removing the old bath tube begins with our plumbers shutting off the water and draining the lines.  Next we remove the old fixtures, caulk and seals until the bathtub can be removed from the wall.  Older bathtubs are very heavy and will require disposal and recycling (removal of the old bathtub is reflected in the quote).

Seating The New Bathtub

Before we install the new tub we will inspect the unit for damage and scratches.  Whether you choose fiberglass or porcelain, our plumbers can install it! Many new tubs come with sound deadening rubber mats, so these are laid out and the bathtub is placed and leveled with the subfloor.  Once it is in position shims and a wood stringer is used to secure the bathtub in place. 

Connect Drain, Secure & Finish
The drain is connected and a strong plumbers putter ensures a leak-free installation! The new fixtures are installed including, valve, drain overflow, and water spout. The bathtub installation is completed with professional plumber caulk and seals. Cosmetic finishes like tile and baseboards are completed by your renovator or the homeowner.

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Our Plumbers Help Homeowners & Contractors With Renovations


  • Removal of old tub
  • Can supply and install the bathtub
  • Professionally caulked with durable finish
  • Quotes include all permits & inspections
  • Leak proof drain connections and shower pans
  • Professional high quality finishes


  • Provide plumbing subcontracting 
  • Deliver & install bathtub
  • Union friendly plumbing
  • Trustes by contractors with renovations & new construction
  • Licensed bathtub residential & commercial plumbing services

Whether you are a homeowner looking for help with your DIY bathroom renovation or a general contractor looking for a great plumber we install bathtubs, showers and toilets with professional results – every time! Call for more info or send us an email to learn more!