Plumbing Installation Services In Hamilton

Hamilton Plumbing provides fast plumbing services with a commitment to providing excellent customer service. Our professional plumbing services in Hamilton are backed by high-quality workmanship thanks to a dedicated team of employees and staff. We can install plumbing products provided by the customer or if you need our expert help we can visit your home and purchase the necessary products and materials on your behalf. When it comes to installing plumbing products in your home ensure you hire a licensed plumber to help prevent any water leaks inside your home.

Reasons To Choose Plumbing Hamilton Installation Services?

Licensed Plumbers With The Experience To Do It Right!

Plumbing Permits Required By Hamilton By-Laws

Products Installed To Manufacturer Specifications & Ontario Building Code

Warrantied Parts & Labour

Zero-Leak Guarantee

100% Customer Satisfaction

High-Quality Finishes & Professional Plumbing Services

Hire professional plumbers who take care of every detail from permits, to installation. Get worry-free plumbing installations from Hamilton’s BEST Plumbers! Schedule your plumbing installation by calling or sending an email below.


Upgrade your toilet to a brand new model with modern designs and water-saving features. Our experienced plumbers


Trust hamilton plumbers to install residential leak-free professionally finished bathtubs. For years our plumbers have replaced


We install sinks of all shapes and sizes in bathrooms, kitchens, basements and more. For simple sink replacement


Get your faucet installed by a professional plumber guaranteed to be installed without leaks and to the manufacturers


Professional shower installation in Hamilton, guaranteed to be installed up to code. With Hamilton Plumbing you’ll get

Shower Fixtures

The easiest way to renew any old shower is by replacing the shower fixtures. A new showerhead, water valve, overflow cover


Proper installation of your dishwasher ensures your dishwasher is installed to specifications and protects

Washing Machine

Moving or relocating your laundry machines inside the home? Our plumbers provide a plan on how to route the water

Water Lines For Appliances

We install appliances that require plumbing like running water to your fridges, ice makers, pot fillers, water dispensers and more

Water Softeners

Hard water can damage appliances and make washing clothes or showering a pain. Get a water softener system installed

Water Filtration Systems

We install water purification systems in Hamilton. Reverse osmosis systems are available for purchase from many

Outdoor Tap

Install a new outdoor water tap for an easier way of watering your garden or lawn. You can say goodbye to 100ft of waterhose

Sump Pumps

A professionally installed sump pump in your home is something you’ll never notice or think about. Sump pumps are designed

Hot Water Tank

We install and provide hot water tanks of all shapes and sizes. Affordable small capacity water heaters to larger 80 gallon models

Residential Water Boilers

boilers are common in older homes in Hamilton with radiator heaters. Boilers run on natural gas or electricity and should

Tankless Water Heater

Tankless water heaters provide an unlimited stream of on-demand hot water. Since they are super-efficient and perfect


Wash you tush with a personally controlled stream of water after with a luxurious bidet! Choose between a dedicated bidet model

Septic Tank

Installing a new septic system is a major renovation including excavation, plumbing and permits. Installation of a septic

Worry-Free Plumbing Installations In Hamilton!

No matter what product your home needs installing our professional plumbers can do the job right! With guaranteed labour, warrantied products and high-quality finishes it’s no wonder Hamilton chooses our plumbers to install your plumbing products and fixtures time and time again. Plumbing done right, every time!

What Do We Install?
  • Bath & Shower Installaiton
  • Hot Water Heaters
  • Toilets & Bidets
  • Dishwashers
  • Sinks & Fixtures
  • much, much more!