Every homeowner dreads and fears plumbing issues. Nobody likes discovering that there is a leakage in their basement, watching the toilet water spinning and spinning but not going down, or even turning on the shower or faucets and there is lurching of pipes but no water coming out. These are just some of the plumbing fears that all homeowners have.

With that said, it is important to familiarize yourself with the importance of emergency plumbing services and how they can help shape your house, and wallet as well.

Emergency plumbing services basically deal with all reasons that would make one contact a plumber to demand for their expertise at their home, at very short notice. Note that plumbers never come to an individual’s home on holidays, weekends, or during late hours to cheaply or “economically” offer their services.

Nonetheless, even though emergency plumbing services might not be cheap, they are at times completely necessary.

In the case of sewerage or catastrophic water leak whereby the structure of your home is at risk, emergency plumbing services are absolutely necessary. In such cases, it is advisable to contact a 24-hour emergency plumbing service provider to help out.  Sewage and water leaks not only destroy the support and wood structure of one’s home but also potentially result in bacterial and mold infiltration, which puts other building occupants at great health risks. In certain scenarios, there may be limitations on whether or not the building’s occupants are allowed back in the house until proper inspections and repairs are done.

There are also the feared leeching field and septic system issues. Issues that are both emergencies and will definitely need industrial strength plumbing equipment. Based on where your property is located, you could require a special type of certified plumber with certification to rectify your septic tank or leaching issue. Anything dealing with a septic tank or system issues is definitely an emergency plumbing. Depending on how serious the problem is, there could be a need for immediate assistance.

For common plumbing problems such as a constantly running toilet, a leaky faucet, or anything else, it is in the interest of the homeowner to wait until normal business hours. This is because such problems are routine and can wait until you get normal rates. Otherwise, if you get an emergency plumber to come to fix your leaking faucet or constantly running toilet, you could end up paying many more times the amount you could have paid had you waited for normal hours.

Sometimes, the fact that it is normal hours should not automatically mean to you that the plumber is going to bill for normal hours yet you requested him or her to come urgently to solve an emergency. This is why it is important to discuss costs before work begins to make sure that both you and the plumber are on the same page. To make sure that everything the plumber is going to do or charge you for is what you approve. Otherwise, they could be billing you for an emergency visit or for intensive repair work that could set you back several thousands of dollars.

Sometimes, emergency plumbing services could be what save your property from extensive water damage. It could be what helps you to save your house and continue living in it. It could also be the difference between you using your only bathroom or not being able to use it. It is ultimately your decision whether you should request emergency plumbing or not, but sometimes you’ve got to make that decision quickly by looking at what you could lose if you do not make it.

The best thing to do when faced with a plumbing problem of any type is to call your Hamilton Plumbing expert. Call us and tell us the exact problem you have. At Hamilton Plumbing, we may not be able to give you the exact cost without knowing the extent of the work required but knowing the approximate cost could help you with your decision making especially when you are in a dilemma.

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